Engage patients on their devices to capture E-visits, Patient Experience and Patient Reported Outcomes Measures.  This innovative web application connects to patients through customized email or text and then uses encryption and a HIPAA secure web application to turn patient feedback into action.  SEngage clients improve patient care while driving revenue and lowering overhead. 

Patient-Reported Outcomes

SEngage measures patient-reported outcomes for use in clinical improvements, marketing, and quality reporting. Tying results to the costs of care delivery give you a tool to increase your margins without sacrificing the quality your patients receive. 

We give you the opportunity to intervene and maximize the care your patients receive while cutting down costly phone calls to patients for follow-up.

Key Benefits
  • Engage patients on their mobile devices, improving care while maximizing the staff’s valuable time.

  • Documented results drive up patient acceptance of treatments, increases your referrals, and allows you to align your payer reporting strategy with measures that truly mean something to patients.


Allow your established patients to connect to your practice through a secure web interface to communicate the status of their medical condition to their provider.  The provider bills for the time they personally use to review the patient submitted information, other medical records, tests, etc that impact patient decision making.

Key Benefits
  • Collect patient information you need to analyze the patients current symptoms.

  • Analysis of the patients current symptoms and medical history to convert the E-visit to a Telehealth visit. 

  • Our single click methodology engages and collects information from the patients, on their own device, no matter where they are.

Patient Experience

SEngage automatically turns Patient Experience data into value. SEngage measures experience for clinical improvement activities and reporting, while automatically increasing the number of positive social media responses by identifying your “promoters” and linking them to social media. 

Key Benefits
  • Generating more positive online reviews leads directly to more patients and revenue.

  • SEngage reports excellence to patients and referring providers while you identify improvement areas.

  • Our pre-loaded interviews give you an easy start but customized questions ensure your practice needs are met.

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