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Patient experience scores and your practice’s online reputation directly impact the bottom line of your practice.

Google is likely your largest single referral source. Seventy-seven percent (77%) of patients complete an on-line search prior to booking an appointment while 44% of Internet users look for information and ratings.   

At the same time, commercial and government payers’ commitment to value based reimbursement in provider contracting is affecting reimbursement and patient steerage. BCBS has over 500 different quality programs and United Healthcare will tie $60 BILLION dollars to value based payments by 2018. 

The bottom line: No new patient selects the fifth worst doctor online. And payers are using patient experience to create networks and modify provider payment arrangements.

What does this mean to you and your practice?  Collecting, managing, and acting on patient experience data may be one of the most important business initiatives you can conduct this year.  Fifty-four percent (54%) of healthcare executives indicate patient experience is among their top three priorities.   

SEngage® is a comprehensive experience patient engagement solution that digitally measures patient experience and identifies your biggest fans. With its reputation engine, SEngage® automatically connects the right patients to physician rating sites. The immediate results are more ratings, increased star rankings, greater patient flow, and growing revenue.

SEngage® does not stop with maximizing your on-line reputation. Your group will receive valuable insight to what your patients think about your practice, identifying areas you can improve, and promoting what you are doing well. Through both internal and external benchmarking, SEngage® gives you the information to leverage results for negotiations and marketing.

Please call QM2 Solutions (888-580-5282) for more information and a free evaluation of what SEngage can do for your practice, or request a demo on our website.

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