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Clinic Profile:

A five (5) doctor practice, with four mid-level providers, practices in a metro area of a Midwestern city.  They are generally happy with their group, and report feeling good about the quality of service they provide.  

Three of the physicians are over 55, while the group successfully recruited a physician, who is now 2 years out of training.  The busy doctors have seen their incomes stay steady, on average, over the last few years, as they compensate for insurance changes, through expanded ancillary services, and new in-office procedures.  

The Challenge:

The group has concerns about the future as they continue to struggle with the ever increasing demands on their time.The physicians’ mean professional production, plus ancillary service revenue is $1.8M per year with each physician seeing 2250 distinct patients per year. Their practice has some competition as there are 60 Providers within a 40-mile radius of their main practice location.  While most of their competition are physician owned practices, there is a university training program in their market, and there are two community based hospitals/multi-specialty groups that also employ their own physicians.

One-third of the patient appointment slots are set aside for new patients, the group spends marketing dollars on yellow page ads, and recently updated their website. To track their marketing results, their administrator has started Google analytics and word accounts. Through these sites they now know that they see about 170 searches per month.Each of the doctors have ratings on Healthgrades (and or other rating sites). Two of the three senior physicians have 3-star ratings averaging 5 responses with one having 2.4 stars.  The youngest physician has 15 responses and an average star ranking of 4.5/5.  Cumulatively the practice has a practice average of just under 3.2 stars.  

While each of the doctors have at least one 5 star rating, due to the low numbers, negative reviews have a significant effect on their averages.  Sixty percent (60%) of the 60 physicians within their market have equal or better on-line ratings.  

The clinic has done experience surveys in the clinics, but it has been off and on and the doctors are not really aware of any effect.  They have not had any discussion with payers about experience scores.

Before SEngage®? If we are conservative and only 20% of shopping patients select another provider due to suffering in comparison to their completion, they are losing up to $30K per month in potential business.

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