Patient Satisfaction and Reputation Management:

$16,000 per month of revenue per 100 Searches*

  • Average new patient value of $800.

  • 20% of patients choose a doctor listed that has more stars or more reviews on google search.

  • For every 100 searches, you lose 20 patients.

25 percent of doctors with the most patient reviews received five times more appointments than the bottom 25 percent.

*At an average value of $800 per patient,

100 searches could yield you an additional $16,000

Patient Check ins and Patient Reported Outcomes:

Bring in an additional $20,000 per month through patient engagement

  • A practice with 2,000 patients on average loses 500 patients per year who “opt out” or are no longer compliant.

  • At an average revenue of $1,200 per patient per year that is $50,000 of lost revenue per month.

  • By capturing 40% of your “opt out” patients you will bring in an additional $20,000 per month.

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